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Credit Repair the Right Way

Order your credit report here so you can start the credit repair process. Once you have your report in hand, we will go over it with you and start removing items from it.

Your credit score isn’t just a number on a piece of paper – it’s like an identification code. If you have a poor score, it can feel like the identification number that prisoners get when they’re doing time. One look at the score and people know that you have made some mistakes, and could even hold those mistakes against you. They won’t give you credit no matter how much you need it. They might not even give you a job.

If you’re sick of paying the price for your past mistakes, you need to utilize credit repair services. Your score can start going up in as little as 45 days, while most people see results in 90 days. Once your score starts climbing, you will finally be free of those past mistakes and can start looking forward to a happy future.

Credit Repair
Credit Repair

Credit Repair the Legal Way

When looking into credit repair, many people bump into fraudulent companies that promise to give them an entirely new credit file. They do this by switching out social security numbers and creating new reports. This is illegal, so you want to avoid it at all costs. If you get caught, you will have more trouble than just a bad credit score – you will have committed a crime.

Instead, you need to stick with a trusted company like Great American Credit Repair. We take a completely legal approach to credit repair. Instead of creating fictitious credit reports, we work to remove the items from the report the legal way.

How the Credit Repair Process Works

You might not realize this, but the Fair Credit Reporting Act is your ticket to legal credit repair. It is then up to the creditor to prove that the item is 100 percent accurate. If the creditor fails to verify the item, the credit reporting agency removes it.

Every time an item is removed, your score goes up.

For instance, let’s say that your score is 350. You’ve had a ton of problems with your credit, and you have 15 negative items on your report.

Now let’s say that one of those items is removed. Suddenly, your score goes up over 400. Then, you get another item removed. It goes up even more. Before long, more than half of your items are removed, and your score is up over 600. That’s the art of credit repair. Every time one of these bad items gets removed, your score jumps up. It’s not magic, and it’s not illegal. It is simply using the law to your advantage.

You Need Help with Your Credit

The law is a little bit complicated, which is why you need an expert on your side. That’s where Great American Credit Repair comes in. We have spent years fighting for Americans just like you. We know how to write effective dispute letters and track changes in ways which benefit our customers the most.

Many people who try to fight creditors on their own end up disappointed and frustrated. However, those who use our vast resources end up with better results. Plus, these results are backed with our Triple Results Warranty. You don’t get that type of protection if you do it on your own.

Improve Your Credit Today

You rely on your credit score to get homes, cars, and jobs, so bad credit can ruin your life. Contact Great American Credit Repair today so you can start improving your credit. With our help, you can put your past mistakes in the rearview mirror and start looking forward to the future. Better credit is just a free consultation away. Schedule yours today.

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