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Great American Credit Repair offers credit education and restoration services. Get back on your financial feet with Great American Credit Repair.

Around one-third of US citizens have a credit score that’s 600 or below, making it difficult for them to obtain credit. While the three major credit-reporting bureaus state that Americans have to wait 7 to 10 years to repair their credit, the team at Great American Credit Repair knows that isn’t true.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act states that items on a credit report must be 100 percent accurate and verifiable or they have to be removed. With around 79 percent of credit reports containing inaccurate or unverifiable information, credit repair is attainable for most Americans. They simply have to know how to start the credit restoration process.

With Great American Credit Repair, the process is as simple as clicking your mouse or calling our toll-free number +1 (800)-603-1943.

Restore Your Credit, Restore Your Life!

Our team has studied the credit reporting industry and discovered that creditors often don’t have the necessary supporting information when accounts are closed, charged off, or discharged. Without that information, they cannot legally keep the items on the credit report. However, those items stay on there for 7-10 years. Most Americans either don’t know they can get them removed or don’t know how to do it now.

Great American Credit Repair contacts the credit bureaus to demand supporting evidence for each item on a client’s credit report. When they are unable to provide the documentation within 30 days, the credit bureaus have to take it off of the report.

A person’s score can go up hundreds of points with this action alone. In fact, most people end up with good credit after the credit restoration process is complete.

Can’t You Do It on Your Own?

When people find out how the system works, they often want to know if they can do it on their own. That is definitely an option, but you might not get the same results that you would get with Great American Credit Repair. Our team has years of industry experience. We know how to craft the proper communications to get creditors to take information off of credit reports.

We also follow up with creditors to help get items permanently deleted so they don’t continue to show up on your report month after month.

While you have the option of going it alone, we recommend that you at least sign up for a FREE consultation. During the consultation, we can provide a better idea of what you can expect from the credit repair process. The consultation is obligation free, so you will be in full control.

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Your credit isn’t just a number. It is your reputation. Get your reputation back by contacting Great American Credit Repair today. Let’s get started with your free consultation so you can find out how we can help your credit. Check out our Credit Repair page for more advice. Please call us at (800) 603-1943 if you have an addition questions.

Read about the Credit Repair Act.

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